Seckel Pears in Bloom

Seckel pear in bloom
Seckel pear in bloom

We bought a dwarf seckel pear on a whim from a nursery two years ago.  A random purchase, but it’s been remarkably successful.  We didn’t give the pear a pollinator, but the tree was covered with little pears last year.  The nursery said that it was self-fertile, but even self-fertile trees tend to do better with a pollinator.  Still, it seems to be working out.

We looked up when to pick the fruit (basically it’s when they twist off easily).  Then you’re supposed to age them in a paper bag for a couple of weeks.

Net result?  A pile of bland woody fruit.  We didn’t pick them all though.  Contrary to instructions, we left about half on the tree to vine ripen.   We picked these in late September, and they were amazing.  Sweet and juicy.

The joy of growing your own fruit is in eating decadent ripe fruit right off the vine.  I don’t know enough about pears to understand why we shouldn’t vine ripen them.  The results certainly reinforced my own inclination.  This year, everything’s staying on the tree until eaten.

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