Homesteader’s lingo: Resiliency

Resiliency – The ability to thrive in changing and adverse conditions. This is the hip word these days both in education and in gardening. How do you raise children such that they are strong and adaptable. As a farmer, how do you plan for climate change? This winter was one of the warmest in New England records. Last winter was one of the coldest. Also the snowiest. Average temperatures have increased and, with that increase, they have brought extremes. These changes will accelerate over time. As a homesteader, trying to live independently, what will you do when these extreme weather conditions result in a month of no rain. Or a month of hard rain? A resilient farm is one with coping mechanisms. A resilient farm has deep, rich top soil; perennials that can withstand extreme weather; and ditches, swales, and ponds to channel rainwater back into the soil, rather than off the property. A resilient homestead uses sustainable sources of energy for heat and hot water, such as a wood stove. A resilient homestead is one that will keep on being self-sustaining in the face of adversity.

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