Homesteader’s Lingo: Annual

Tall telephone peas at Paper Crane Farm
Tall telephone peas at Paper Crane Farm

While I tend to talk much more about our perennials, there is an obvious role here at the farm for annuals, plants that you plant annually (hence the name ;).  From kale to cabbage to carrots, these fast growing vegetables flush out the homestead diet and give you something fresh to eat almost year round.  Plant kale and arugula in the fall, you can eat it over the winter and into the spring.  Plant peas and lettuce in the spring, and they will come in before your perennials ever bear fruit.  Onions, winter squash, potatoes…these are your winter staples.

At Paper Crane Farm, we have nine raised beds dedicated to annuals.  Each bed is 4’x8′.  There are staples we grow every year, like peas and tomatoes.  These beds are also for experiments though.  Raise your hand if you’ve ever grown rutabagas, solanum fruit, of celtuce.  There is so much more variety with annuals, you can’t help but get excited as you flip through the seed catalogs.  And since you’re going to replant next year anyway, just have fun with it.

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