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Welcome to Paper Crane Farm.

This is the name we’ve given our two acre suburban plot in Westford, MA. ‘We’ means me, my wife, and our two daughters, ages 3 and 1.

To call this suburban plot a farm is to give it a promotion. One acre is forested and the other has a small house sitting on it. Nevertheless, we aim to produce our household’s food in the remaining space.  Aim is the keyword here. This blog will chronicle our very slow journey towards independence through subsistence farming, home crafts, and personal finance.

Raised beds at Paper Crane Farm
Raised beds at Paper Crane Farm

We envision a time when we can walk away from the grind of the 9-5 job. We envision a time when we can be home to raise and educate our children, rather than delegating that responsibility/opportunity. We envision a time when food/water/energy independence may be necessary as we cope with climate change or global fossil fuel shortages.

Why this approach? Independence lies is reducing our cost of living and increasing our non-employment income to the point where the latter exceeds the former. Simple in theory. Complicated in execution. What else can we do to lower our cost of living? How do you generate income when you are no longer working?

If we had complete answers to these, this wouldn’t be a journey, but a how-to guide. Our goal with this blog will be to share what we learn as we try different things, like growing mushrooms for the first time or selling chicken eggs. **spoiler alert** You would have to sell a whole lot of chicken eggs to pay the mortgage. Postings might include reviews of books that have influenced our approach, household money saving tips, permaculture philosophy, things we’re excited about in the garden or kitchen, or questions we’re trying to work through. We’ll probably post a lot about what it’s like to parent in this environment. How do we make our daughters love the earth and all the things we can produce when in a healthy partnership with the land? **2nd spoiler alert** The answer is apparently homegrown raspberries!

We’re not necessarily experts at any of the things we’ll write about. But neither will our readers be. We’re an everyday family, trying some new things and writing to and learning from other people who share an interest in these subjects.

If you have read this far, we hope it means that you share our passion for sustainability, resilience, homegrown food, and household finances. We look forward to learning from your own ideas and experiences. Please share them in the comments section or write to me at PaperCraneFarm@gmail.com.


Paper Crane Farm

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