Homesteader’s library: Grow Fruit by Alan Buckingham

Grow Fruit

Raise your hand if you feel confident about pruning your fruit trees.

I absolutely hate it.  I suppose I just lack the confidence to start lopping things off.  I read all about the benefits of pruning, but when I go outside with my clippers, the laterals look like the sub-laterals, which I already can’t tell apart from the sideshoots.

I have a book to help me though.  Grow Fruit by Alan Buckingham offers detailed planting and pruning for everything from apples to brambles to kiwis.  I like the clear diagrams of where to cut each of the first three seasons.  I like the pictorial guide to whatever might be ailing this kind of plant. Small, brown edged holes in leaves?  Those are tarnished plant bugs.  Ribbonlike scars on the skin?  Sawfly maggot.  This helpful reference guide is definitely worth adding to your toolkit.

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