Five Frugal Things – 3/7/16


As a follow up to last week’s post about efficient use of food, this week’s Five Frugal Things will be about saving money around food.

  1. We made a batch of banana cookies last night. The dough for these two ingredient cookies is comprised of mashed bananas mixed with oatmeal. Since we needed to mash the bananas anyway, we grabbed beat up bananas off the discount rack.
  2. We wanted to mix chocolate chips into the cookies, but instead cut up old Halloween Candy.
  3. The kids each asked for an apple, but didn’t finish them. We cut up the apples and fluffed up our breakfast pancakes with them.
  4. I’m taking celery and peanut butter for snack this week. We cut up the celery, but not all of it was snack worthy. Whatever didn’t look good enough for fresh eating got cut up anyway and frozen. It will go in soup. Same thing with the spinach for last night’s sandwiches.
  5. Lunch yesterday was leftovers from during the week. I had the shrimp stir fry from Thursday and my wife had the fish stew from Friday. We both had carrot cake after lunch that was 75% off on Market Basket’s double reduced rack.

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