Five Frugal Things – 5/24/16


The baby is still teething and is waking several times a night again. I’m exhausted. From a frugal point of view, it keeps me from doing anything or spending money!

  1. Took the kids to a family fun day on Sunday. Free popcorn, ice cream, lemonade, and packaged snacks. Listened to some music and then played on the beach. A great and free afternoon.
  2. Spent Saturday in the garden. Planted the 50 tomato plants, some carrot, lettuce, Swiss chard and corn seeds.
  3. Weeded the vegetable beds and the flower beds and gave the weeds to the chickens.
  4. Somehow forgot to go grocery shopping this weekend. We’re a little light on fresh fruit and veggies (our garden isn’t producing yet this season) so I cooked some squash that we had frozen. 5.
  5. Gathered ends of breads cluttering up the fridge and made a bread pudding. We call bread pudding “garbage food” for being able to absorb random leftovers into it – today it included two slices of plum the toddler didn’t eat, the PB&J sandwich the toddler made but didn’t eat (she likes each separately and knows we like them together but can’t come around to liking them together herself), two brown bananas, some milk that froze when it got pushed to the back of the fridge etc. Plus, we use lots of eggs from our chickens to make it more of a meal

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