Five Frugal Things – 5/18/16


Tired today, the baby is teething and is waking up multiple times a night.

  1. Went to a networking event in our town last night and ate enough appetizers I didn’t need dinner when I got home. Got some valuable advice about which groups to join vs. skip so I can prioritize my time.
  2. Making coffee at home and packing yesterday’s leftover coffee as iced coffee to take to work.
  3. Researching free things to do this weekend. There’s a family fun day at a camp in our town with free ice cream and kid games. Sounds right up our alley!
  4. Tracking and rotating leftovers so everything gets used up. We were away visiting family over the weekend and have lots of odd leftovers we took home with us.
  5. Birthday week for us parents this week, meaning we’ll have two days the kids will want to tear apart a pile of presents. We’re wrapping both some real gifts and some some stuff from around the house so each kid can help us open a few wrapped packages. The baby gets very sad when the toddler opens all of the presents so we need 5-6 wrapped packages for the baby to have at least one or two to open.

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