Five Frugal Things – 5/15/16


1. Pulled lots of leftovers from the freezer -corn, rice, garden tomatoes, spinach and added mushrooms from fridge. Dumped into crockpot and my toddler helped to add spices, ok a lot of spices! With some fish, it became spicy fishy taco-like rice bowls! Got at least three lunches worth of leftovers too.

2. Neighbor had the house re-sided and I noticed some plywood next to the dumpster. Asked and we can have it. We’ll put some of it across the top of the chicken run to spread out the weight of the snow.  The chickens get so grumpy when the weight of the snow collapses their roof.

3. Traveling to visit family. Staying in a hotel with breakfast included. Grabbed leftovers from family get together that was our dinner last night in the hotel.

4. Sorted through hand-me-down kids clothing and pulled some for ours, some for nieces/nephews, and the rest I’m going to pass on. Saves money and declutters!

5. Husband bought eye glasses online and for $20 found a pair that fits well.

Personal commitment: I still haven’t resolved the issues with the new drip irrigation system I took two vacation days to install in April. I’m beyond frustrated but vow to try again this week. It is holding us back from putting in seeds and seedlings so we need to fix it soon or abort mission. Hey, it is my birthday this week – maybe my husband will call the drip irrigation company and argue with them in lieu of a present?


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