Five Frugal Things – 4/27/16


Spring abounds here as does frugal successes and frugal fails!

  1. Bought small fruit and nut trees from the New Hampshire State Nursery. Sure they’re only about a foot tall but at 10 trees for $15, we can wait for them to produce hazelnuts and cranberries!
  2. I weeded the garden and gave the weeds to the chickens to supplement their diet.
  3. I saw an ad for the Grow-ables Project and requested and received a free box of cherry tomato seed pods. (I think the offer is no longer available). I already have tomato seedlings under the grow lights so am planting a few Grow-able pods, saving some for next year, and sharing some with young friends.
  4. Clicked through Ebates on the way to Target’s website to order more mouthwash and dental floss. I haven’t done lots of online shopping (my instincts are to drive to the store) but since I’m hourly, ordering online allows me to work more paid hours, keeps me from impulse buying, save gas from driving to/from the store, and allows me to use online coupons or Ebates/Upromise.
  5. I mixed a large quantity of leftover peas with the last of homemade pad thai. It tasted mostly of peas but it was healthy, emptied two containers out of the fridge, and helped avoid food waste!
Frugal fail: The drip irrigation system I took two days off work to install last week isn’t working. The hoses are bent sufficiently from being coiled in the box that the water doesn’t flow through them well. I’m going to call the company and see if there is a good solution. I’m unhappy about the unpaid days off work, the back-breaking labor, and the cost of the irrigation system itself. Triple sadness!

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