Five Frugal Things – 4/22/16

Perhaps the biggest part of independent and sustainable living is reducing your costs so that you are less dependent on outside employment.  As such, I will continue our posts of Five Frugal Things we’re doing here at Paper Crane Farm.

1. Ate leftover baked ziti for dinner with leftovers of those leftovers saved for lunch tomorrow.
2. Baked up a batch of store bought cookie dough for a work event. Had bought the roll of refrigerated cookie dough on clearance. Not my preferred way of cooking but realistic with two toddlers underfoot “helping.”
3. Received an unsolicited homeowner’s insurance quote from a local insurance salesperson. The paperwork said that if I called them to talk about the quote, they would send me a $5 gift card to Dunkin Donuts. Still trying to sort out whether I’m making an apples to apples comparison of their rates vs our current insurance but the $5 gift card showed up in the mail today!
4. Realized I was wearing a shirt today working in the garden from an event I volunteered at in 2000. That was a long time ago. The shirt color is still carrot orange after all these years…
5. Have been buying lots of hot peppers off the discount rack at the grocery store and cutting and freezing them (wearing gloves of course). Thinking we might make more pepper jam this weekend. Yummy, a great homemade gift, great for adding a kick to sandwiches, and great for clearing out allergy-filled sinuses.


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