Five Frugal Things – 3/30/16

Leftovers make the world go round, uses up some stuff before it goes bad, and feeds us!

1) Made a frittata for breakfast out of leftover asparagus and served it over the leftover heels of last week’s bread

2) Packed leftover lasagna for lunch at work, along with a needed-to-be-used orange and a cookie leftover from Easter.

3) Today’s coffee left over in the pot is put in the fridge for my iced coffee to take to work tomorrow.

4) The leftover coffee grounds, banana peel, and orange peels were hand delivered to the worms and bugs in our compost pile.

5) Our chickens feasted on leftovers, including a few squishy grapes, the remainder of the toddler’s oatmeal, asparagus ends, and slimy salad greens

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