Five Frugal Things – 3/15/16

1) I’ve been sick for weeks with a worsening cough. Went to urgent care, which has the same copayment as primary care. They diagnosed strep, with a side of pneumonia but wanted X-rays to confirm the pneumonia. X-rays have a $150 deductible so asked if they were absolutely necessary.  Doc said they were just for confirmation, since the treatment would be the same regardless. Skipped them!
2) Submitted last receipt to drain medical flex spending account until July 1st new plan year. Since flex spending accounts are use it or lose it, I had estimated based on our regular medical use. Kiddo broken fingers are both unexpected and costly.
3) Dropped box of books off at the library for their book sale and eyeing another bookcase to see if I can pull together another today.
4) Found sweet potato pie on the two day reduced rack at the grocery store for $0.50! Can’t make one that cheap!
5) Renewed Craigslist ads. Get the junk out of the house.  Might as well get paid for it.


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