Frugal Homestead

The point of this blog is to talk about our journey towards a self sufficient homestead.  One side of that is learning to grow and make as much as we can in the home.  However, the other side of that is somehow making the budget work.  We will have reached a major milestone when we have cut our costs and can generate enough alternative income that we are no longer forced to work outside of the home.  The tighter the budget gets, the more we need to chip at it with little things that make a difference.  For instance, we switched cell plans.  In doing so, we dropped a monthly expense by about $100/month.  That’s $1200/year.  On this page, we will try to share some of the little tricks we have found to min/max the budget.

Checkout 51: Download this ap to your phone.  There will be a weekly list of items at the grocery store that, if you buy them, give you some cash back.  Just don’t buy anything you weren’t already planning on buying!  Follow this link for a $5 referral bonus.

Republic Wireless: Time to get out of those bloated Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon cell plans.  Republic is the service for frugal folks like us.  My bill averages about $11/month.  Bills are based on monthly data  usage, but anything you do when you have wi-fi access is free.  99% of my data usage is at work or at home, so this no-contract service is for me!

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